Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beautiful day

The rainy season has come at last, it depends on the year I don't know how often we have rainy days. I'm certain it is good to rain for us, reently I watch the news titled" Be careful , food and water crisis in the world". They say lots of children are dead of hunger, what a sad thing. Nevertheless I've never seen skinny or lanky dogs around me, most of them are fat of over calories with rich food.
Dare is good eating I have to control her weight, overweight is not good for everyone.Most of my friends try to go on a diet and I can find lots of diet goods or supliments and exercise machines.Walking is the best way to lose weight and it's free.

We had so beautiful day, how comfortable breeze in the air. One woman with a big camera came to us and asked me if she takes Dare's picture through her good quality single-lens reflex. Wow, how nice to be taken , Dare might be a super dog model!
I should have ask her to send me her nice photos.

When do I pick them ..looks too young.


Sayani said...

i think already dare is a super model :)

thats so nice snaps taken
i want to say i blog rolled you without your permission

daremama said...

Hi! Sayani,
I'm very happy to have your visit&comment. Yes,she's like a super model! I love dogs and you,too. Hope you feel relax with my pics.